Saturday, April 21, 2012

I realized something

I've probably realized this a while ago, however sometimes recent events turn your eyes the right way.  I've always been pretty good to my friends.  I always try to do right by them all the time.  I've seen them at the best and at their worst.  I've noticed that when I am truly fond of a friend, I won't let anyone get away with hurting them, including myself.  A long time ago, I'd be less apt to apologize for anything.  Now, if I say or do something that hurts my friends, regardless of how petty it could be, I try to make it right.  Not because of guilt, but because it's more important that my friendship is maintained than me being right.  Also, if anyone else does anything terrible to a friend, they have to deal with me.  I won't beat you up or anything, but there's a good chance you'll get a verbal beatdown from me.  I don't take too kindly to people hurting others, especially those who hurt people I love and care about.  Again, that also means me.  Sometimes, I can do things that aren't smart.  

I'm thankful I have loyalty and care for my friends.  God says that there is no greater love than a man lay his life down for a friend.  I'm pretty sure I'd do that for most of my friends.  I couldn't say that a few years ago.  Not because I'm a terrible friend, but because I had a hard time getting close to people.  Not because I couldn't trust them, but I just couldn't like them.  I found fault in any and everything with others.  Now, I accept faults and enjoy my friends for who they are.  I have a peace in my heart about that now.  I'm blessed to have friends.  I'm blessed in general.

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