Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hectic Hump Day

This week's version of Hectic Hump Day will be a continuation of yesterday's blog.  As you recall, I basically asked a bunch of questions.  Today, I'll come up with my own answers to said questions.  Since you guys didn't really have any good ones...thanks.  If you're not sure of what the questions are, just go back to yesterday's.

1.  It's possible because someone doesn't want George Zimmerman to suffer in jail...although Trayvon suffered tremendously and his parents are suffering more.  There are some serious shenanigans going on in the Sanford Police Department.

2.  Either the Zimmermans are not as poor as they say they are, or some of the extremist groups have been helping George a bit.  Either way, oh well.  He'll get his in court.  If he doesn't it get it there, he'll get it when he meets his Maker.

3.  I think they're like that because they don't want to make a bad decision.  However, some people constantly ask the wrongest people possible to fight their battles.  Then they end up alone and pitiful and pathetic.

4.  I already answered that yesterday.

5.  Extreme climate change happened.  Check Farmers' Almanacs, they'll tell you that this mess will keep happening.

6.  I think they don't come with instruction manuals because God wants us to work our tails off to get to know people by communicating with them.  Life wouldn't be fun if it was way too easy to figure them out.  So, get to know people.  Figure out what they like.  Talk to them.  Be a friend.

7.  The answer is never.  I'll never get away from dirty looks.  I got a dirty look for walking out of a Cheddars...of course there were other extenuating circumstances, but basically it was Cheddars.

8.  I hum my own entrance music sometimes.  It guess it's good for me.

9.  If I were an old lady, I think I could get away with it.

10. It left when parents gave their kids cell phones, and cell phone companies decided to make phones "smart."

Well there are my answers to my questions.  I love this one sided conversation stuff.  Next time you all can join.

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