Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Turn Back Tuesday

So today's blast from the past takes me back to when I was so much more into game shows.  Who am I kidding, I'll never stop being into game shows.  Game shows are what this country was founded on.  Average Joes becoming upper class overnight, or in Ken Jennings's case, over the course of 3 months.

Game show fixation

So how do I feel now, almost two years later?  Pretty much the same.  Seeing idiots win prizes when they had no clue what they're doing.  Seeing bright people fail at game shows.  Puzzles being ruined by kids.  It's all still there.  I wonder if my roommates wonder how my heart is still going after all the conniptions I've had watching someone not know random trivia.

What makes us so into these things?  I think we invest because we care.  Deep down, we just want that underdog to win.  Maybe we see something in them that we can relate to.  Maybe it's the way they look.  Maybe it's their upbringing.  Maybe it's just us wanting to live vicariously through others.  The point is, there is nothing wrong with enjoying other people winning.  It's just that we have to understand that they're going through crazy emotions.  I went through them when I was on Wheel of Fortune.  I can pretty much smoke any human on the planet in Wheel of Fortune at home.  At the studio, it's just so nerve wracking.

I guess my point is, be happy for people and have sympathy.  Don't call them names or swear at the television.  Just enjoy the show.

Same with life, just enjoy the show.

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