Saturday, July 14, 2012

Music Friday

First of all, this little girl was like 12 when she made this song.  What she know about love?  That's what you're asking, I'm sure.  I'm going to tell you something my youth ministries professor told us about teenagers and puppy love.  It's real to the puppy.

However, this isn't about teenagers falling in love and all that junk.  It's about how I felt all day about a certain Commander in Chief who came to visit my town today.  Yes, Barack Obama came all the way to Roanoke to campaign for votes.  Here's what I was thinking throughout the day.

1.  GET OUT!
This is more of a frustration with the hullabaloo that was associated with the President.  I understand.  It's the President.  I totally get that.  However, the inconvenience that came with his arrival was felt by all.  They used a parking area near my house for the people who had tickets.  That's not really a problem except the area is a couple miles from the place the President was speaking.  They also shut down half the interstate so they could move the President in and out.  I get why, I do.  It's just frustrating.

2.  GET OUT!
Not to the President, but to the idiots who aren't fans of his.  And not necessarily because of his policies, but because he's not an old white guy.  Real talk, there are people that aren't supporters of the President ONLY because he's black.  Look, not one president in the history of this country has ever made everyone happy.  However, we're going to have to set some ground rules for why we aren't fans of someone.  Skin color is not a reason to hate someone.  Also, if a radio host tells you not to like someone, laugh at them and change the channel.  And if you're wanting to do and say terrible things and disrespect who God has allowed to be our leader, you can just get out.

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