Thursday, July 19, 2012

Let's Be Real

I have to say that this whole Penn State/Joe Paterno/Jerry Sandusky junk is getting a little silly.  By now, I'm sure you all have heard about the Freeh Report.  In it was some pretty damning testimony that implemented the athletic director, president, vice president, and head football coach of Penn State.  They were known to be negligent in the handling of the accusations brought on Jerry Sandusky.  In layman's terms, they didn't do jack squat to help those kids.

People are arguing that Joe Paterno's legacy should be kept in tact.  Things like his statue, his place in the Hall of Fame, and other things should be respected.  I have a problem with that.  You see, Joe Paterno in all his love for everything Penn State forgot something important.  Kids were being hurt.  When you let kids get hurt just to save the fantasy that is the legend of Penn State, you're as evil as the molester himself.  

Paterno's legacy is now that of an enabler.  He is someone who couldn't care less about the welfare of children.  I'm sorry if that hurts your feelings.  I'm sorry if I'm hurting your feelings.  I understand how special Penn State football is to their fans.  I understand that Paterno may have reached super iconic status.  However, once you deify someone, they kind of have to live up to that.  Paterno seemed like he was on his way.  His program never had a violation of rules.  The teams were disciplined and well behaved.  However, now we have to think about what to do with the football program.

I don't know if I'd go with the death penalty for the squad.  However, I'd have to ask for something truly harsh for the program.  Sandusky used the program to lure young boys so he could molest them.  The fact that the program knew his intentions.  So in that aspect, I'd say shut down the program.  However, the kids that are there now to play football had nothing to do with the Sandusky thing.  So in that aspect, I think they shouldn't be punished.  I just believe that for certain, the people that were there now should have the book thrown at them.

Now to those that think Eddie Robinson should be back on the top of the all time wins list.  No need.  John Gagliardi of St. John's College has the most wins.  Eddie Robinson is a great coach, but he wasn't the all time winningest coach.  Paterno's wins shouldn't be ripped away.  However everything else should be ripped out of the Penn State lore.  That's the only way the school can shake this stigma.  

It's about the kids.  Ultimately, the innocent children that were molested are the ones that get the last word.  These poor kids have been run through the muck by a disgusting man.  Who cares about legacies, championships, and football when there are kids involved?  If you're one of those who think Paterno's legacy should be in tact no matter what, just think about your kids or any kids you may know.  That's who you need to be worried about, not a stupid statue of a stupid man who did a stupid thing.  Yeah, I know Paterno was smart, but he did the dumbest thing ever.  He allowed children to be hurt.  You don't get a statue for allowing children to get hurt.

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