Sunday, July 15, 2012

Open Letter Saturday

Here's another open letter to something or someone.

Dear Life:

I challenged you to do your worst, and quite frankly I'm impressed.  You gave me a false sense of security to start.  I mean you gave me a really good day at work.  Everything seemed to run pretty smoothly.  Then the evening came.  I planned on going to see a movie and having dinner with some good friends.  However, it never happened like I wanted it.  You decided that now would be a good time to kill the battery in my car.  And considering that I slam doors like an angry housewife, I know it wasn't because of any kind of door ajar error.  I mean, I did everything right.  The battery just decided to go down.

You gave me another false sense of hope when the battery seemed to charge up fairly quickly.  Real cool.  Then the battery dies at the theater after I already missed dinner with friends.  I buy a battery, ridiculously priced.  I buy some tools to put install the battery myself.  However, I get the smallest socket wrench in Wal-Mart and it's still too big.  I probably could have looked a little harder for the right size, but tools aren't my forte.  Never have been.  So now my car is trapped at the movie theater where the weirdos and oddballs are.  I have to call a homey at 7 in the morning to see if he has the right tool.  Chances are, he does.  Just couldn't get a hold of him this evening because most sensible people are in bed by then.  Not to mention, the movie stunk.

However, through this I can say this.  God is still good.  God is still great.  You can't beat my God.  So I will praise Him through the storm and the rain.  

Take that life.

That Dude the Devil Hates to See Awake

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