Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Top Ten

Today's top ten is a bit of an advice column sort of thing.  I figured that I would give you all my top ten words of advice that I can give people to help them through things.  I know that I'm not an expert on everything, but I can honestly say that my life has been a lot easier because I tried to live by these things.

10.  Be Thankful
I know that should be in the top 5, but truth be told, sometimes it's hard to be thankful.  When you see people who don't deserve what they have because of how they treat people, you kind of wonder what's happening.  However, in the end it's always best to be thankful.  It's always best to think about where you could be comparable to where you are.

9.  Laugh at Yourself
Look, we're all a bunch of flawed, idiots.  We do stupid things all the time.  We trip, we fall, we crash.  The main thing is that you have to just laugh at yourself.  Make funny jokes, even if no one thinks they're funny.  

8.  Avoid Crazy People
Yes, I know I just said we're flawed, but that doesn't mean you have to subject yourself to crazy people who aren't stable in the head.  You allow yourself to be surrounded by the wrong people, and your life will be messed up.  If you're not sure what crazy is, see THIS LINK RIGHT HERE.

7.  Avoid Chumpstains
If there is one thing I hate, it's someone being a chumpstain.  Don't let chumpstains get into your life.  They will bring you down and hurt you worse than anything.  Do not allow yourself to be brought down by a chumpstain.  If you're not sure what a chumpstain is, see THIS LINK RIGHT HERE.

6.  Be Picky
Look, I am fully aware that I'm single.  I'm aware that I'm not married yet.  However, I have to say that I'm super happy about that.  I've seen people just settle for the sake of being in a relationship.  I've seen people marry way too young because it was a fairy tale coming true.  Then a few years later, they realized how immature their significant other was.  You have got to be picky.  Never settle for the first available when the best available is out there waiting for you.

5.  Stay Humble
You're going to do some awesome things in your life.  Things that will make people look at you as greatness.  It's your job to keep your cool and realize that you wouldn't be where you are without the grace of God.  So keep striving to do well, but don't forget that it could all go away if you're not humble.

4.  Ask Questions
If you're not quite sure why things are why they are, ask questions.  Don't just blindly go into something.  God doesn't mind when you ask Him stuff, just ask Him.  Be okay with being unsure of something.  Never be afraid to admit that you need to learn, no matter how old you are.

3.  Take Up Something Fun
One of the worst things people can do is avoid activity for fear of getting addicted to it.  It's still cool to just have a little fun.  Take up golf, working out, maybe even video games.  Nothing wrong with activity.  As long as said activity doesn't interfere with your daily living, go for it.

2.  Never Forget to Show Your Love for Friends and Family
Your family will always be your family.  Never neglect to tell them how great you think they are.  Even if they're not that great, tell them anyway.  Your friends, well you can choose them.  So you had better be good to them.  You had better tell them how great they are for putting up with you.  Loyalty to them is your best bet.

1.  Trust God
I'm just going to tell you that if you trust God, no matter your circumstances, you will be blessed.  Now it may be a while before you see said blessing, but it will come.  Trust God with everything you have.  Anything you're going through, trust Him with it.  I know some of you may think it's a bit of hooey , but God is there even if you don't see Him or want Him around.  I love the Lord, I will not apologize for that.  He loves me, I will never think opposite.  Trust God.  He's a good God.

There you go, a few words of wisdom.  I've always thought about how I would write a self-help book.  I think these would be the chapter titles.  Of course I'd have to be famous first.  So share my blog with others, particularly this one.  Make me famous so I can write a book and be legit at the same time.  Thanks.

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