Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hectic Hump Day

Today's the day I tell you what I'm thinking.

1.  I find it funny that my fella called two piece bathing suits "inappropriate".  I think it was the way he said it that made it so great.

2.  Soon, I will be going to Georgia to help people in Sugar Hill.  I think I will be blessed beyond belief by it.

3.  Just a heads up to the parents out there.  If your kid goes to a free summer camp with notebooks, pencils, and a frown...they lied to you.  They're in summer school.

4.  I really need to do dishes.  If I don't, no one will.

5.  God's will is better than anything you can think of.

6.  It seems like my blog on my life advice really took off.  If you missed it, CLICK THIS LINK.

7.  I need to grow a spine.  That's all I have to say.

8.  I actually changed a battery in my car all by myself.  It wasn't hard except for the nut that wouldn't budge.  I seriously spent hours trying to get one nut to budge.  It was crazy.  Oh well, I have a brand new battery and I'll have to wait another month to get that smartphone I wanted.

9.  I don't get how people don't put enough sugar in Kool-Aid.  If it tastes like water still, you need more sugar.  Or you need to stir a little harder.

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