Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Turn Back Tuesday

Today's blast from the past is pretty much the same as most of my blog.  I complain about something that frustrates me.  I lash out.  Today, I tell Facebook what for.

Tyrone vs Facebook

Now, I pretty much feel the same about Facebook telling me what I ought to like.  I don't like people or websites thinking for me.  However I do want to talk about something else.

Antoine Dodson.  That guy is amazing.  His story is such a classic tale of a nobody turning to a hero.  We always think that we'd do the same if we were in his situation.  Actually, I would say that most of us would be kind of frightened.  To be able to instinctively jump on an intruder and chase him out of the house is a pretty amazing feat.  I'd love to say I'd do the same, but truth be told, nerves can do a lot to you.

Do we have a hero in us anymore?  What happened to chivalry?  What happened to being a person to be counted on?  Antoine was reliable enough to save his sister.  Can we be reliable anymore?  Can we be counted on and trusted to do the right thing?  Politicians can't be trusted.  News channels can't be trusted.  Even our very best friends and family can't be trusted anymore.  Bring back the times of trust and respect. Be someone worth the effort.

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