Thursday, July 12, 2012

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So I made this awesome salad today.  Pretty great I must say.  If you're looking for a healthy salad in your life, I'll give you the recipe.

Start with a bed of spinach.  Spinach is just a better base for a salad than lettuce. Lettuce is kind of empty.  Spinach has more nutrients that are good for you.  No wonder they call it a super food.  I don't know specifically who "they" are, but I appreciate them.

Next, sliced cucumbers, carrots, and bell peppers.  I used orange bell peppers, but any color other than green is a good.  It just makes your salad look better.

Grape tomatoes are next.  Cherry tomatoes aren't bad, but grape is just cuter.

Sliced mozzarella string cheese is next.  They look like little Frisbees when you slice them.  The bright white color just kind of brings the salad into the aesthetically pleasing status.

Mini pepperoni slices are a good source of protein.  They're small and don't need much preparation time.  Just separating the ones that get stuck together.

Tuna fish is the main protein.  I get the one based in water.  It's pinker and stays together a lot better than the tuna in an oil base.  Honestly, I used Kroger brand.  It's just as good as any brand.  Thank goodness for that power outage.  I'd have never thought to put tuna in a green salad.

Mandarin oranges are so good.  I used canned oranges, again from Kroger.  They are so sweet, it's a good counter to the tomatoes. I've always liked fruit in vegetable salads.  Strawberries are my favorite fruit in salad, but mandarin oranges may have changed my thought process.

Finally, I drizzled it with ranch dressing.  You can't over power the salad with dressing when you have all those flavors put together.  So a light drizzle is all you need.  My friend Jessica says that every black person that comes in her restaurant orders ranch dressing, so I have to be light on the dressing to kill the stereotype.

There you go, get in on that salad.  It's a good meal.  It's tasty.  It's healthy.  I would say it's for vegetarians, but apparently dolphins are getting caught in tuna nets...

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