Sunday, July 22, 2012

Special Sunday Funday

Yeah, I know that I never really post on Sundays, but this is different.  One, I missed yesterday's Open Letter Saturday due to utter exhaustion from helping my friend with his race team.  He did a good job and got 6th place.  Second, I'm on my church's mission trip as we speak.

Today we drove to Gastonia, NC to stay for the night.  We ate at Cracker Barrel in Christiansburg, then Steak n Shake in Gastonia.  I have to say that Cracker Barrel could be the worst food to eat BEFORE a long trip.  Anytime after a trip, it's perfect.  That stuff could put you to sleep.  Bears don't need to be shot with tranquilizers anymore.  Just feed them cornbread and trout.  That would totally knock them out.

Steak n Shake is amazing.  Why can't Roanoke have one?  Oh yeah, we can't have nice things.  People do dumb things and ruin it for us.  Just a heads up, stop ruining things for me.

I'm very excited about the possibility of working with people I've never met and probably won't see again.  I love the chance I get to help people.  This is what this trip is about.  It's about giving forward.  Truth be told, these people have never given me anything so I can't consider it giving back.  My prayer and wish is for me to be able to share the love of Jesus without saying a word or opening a Bible.  I want my work ethic, attitude, and production to show people that I love the Lord.  I think if people see that in me, they'll know there is something different about me.  I know I don't do a perfect job of it sometimes, but every effort is blessed by the Lord if you have the right attitude and the desire to see His will be done.

This week, my prayer is that lives are changed.  Not just the people we're helping, but the people helping, present company included.

If you want to send support to me, CLICK THIS LINK.  For church name, type "CommUNITY Church."  For church city and state, type "Salem, VA."  Select "Sugar Hill, GA (July 23-28)."  Thanks for your support.  Love you all.

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