Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Turn Back Tuesday

Not quite sure what I was thinking with this particular blog.  I just had a couple of things on my mind.  My frustration with the radio combined with my appreciation for Nancy Grace.

My frustration with radio continues to this day.  Not all of it, but most of it.  I can't stand about 87% of the radio stations on this planet nowadays.  It's terrible.  Music isn't even music anymore.  It's some dope with a computer.  This doofus named Skribbitz or something has some weird sounding stuff coming out of the box.  Isn't that the game Harry Potter plays all the time?  Anyway, I wish the radio were better than it were.  I just wish I had an auxiliary jack so I can hook my phone up to the radio in my car.  I love Pandora.  The best Internet radio station on the planet.  I'm going to make a wish that all radio stations just shut off and just hook up to Pandora.

As far as Nancy Grace goes, well I'm not sure.  Now I work through the evening.  I don't get to watch most prime time shows unless they're On Demand.  I'm a fan of good honest television.  I'm a fan of people telling it like it is.  The problem nowadays is that all these news channels are just spouting off their opinions.  There is no real journalism and honesty anymore.  It's all about pushing their agendas.  It's really a shame.  Bring the news back and leave your opinions at the door.

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