Friday, August 31, 2012

Music Friday

I will just let the song speak for itself.  It's time for some football to come back to us.  I've been pumped for a while. My South Carolina Gamecocks are already through with their opening issues.  They won against Vanderbilt last night in a tough game.  Vanderbilt isn't the same lousy team full of nerds anymore.  They're the truth.

This also gets me pumped for the NFL season.  My Packers are looking pretty nice for preseason.  However, it's preseason.  So it's pretty boring.  It's a battle to see who will be a starter vs a scrub.  The worst is the ever long battle for the right to be on the punt return team.  So intriguing.

Point being, I will be enjoying football for a long long time.

Feel free to bear with me.  Or join me somewhere for chicken wings.

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