Saturday, August 18, 2012

Open Letter Saturday

Today's the day I write a letter to someone or something or some concept.  Today's letter goes out to something near and dear to my heart.

Dear School People,

Now when I say school people, I'm talking to teachers, aides, and students alike.  I just want to let you know that it's about that time for all of us to get together and work at being smarter and better than you were before this summer.

To teachers and aides, I say this:  It's going to be tough.  Welcome to life.  It's going to be rough.  We'll have students in our lives that will be tough.  We'll be working with kids that don't want to do what we think is best.  We're going to deal with parents that are stubborn and think nothing we do is right.  There are going to be days where you'll want to give up.  There will be days where you'll want to just drop everything and serve burgers.  Don't go there.  You were put on this planet to teach kids.  You were brought to where you are to improve the lives of kids.  You were brought to the school you're in because you were told you were the best person for the job.  It's our job to prove the higher ups right.  If you're looking to improve your rank, you do your darnedest to make everyone out there want you.  I worry about some of the kids.  I see some silly folks out there that could use our help more than ever.  Be thoughtful of that.  Don't give up on them or yourself.  Be tough.  Don't accept second best.  Get the most out of who you're working with.  This isn't a job anymore, it's an adventure.  It's a mission.  A mission to create a future.  When we get put into homes when we're old and grey, I kind of want to leave the country in good hands.

To students, I say this:  You are not just the future.  You're the present.  You're alive right now.  So, in essence, you're trying to make yourself just a tad better than you were a couple of months ago.  You're closer to being an adult.  When your teachers are all over your behind, it's because they want you to succeed.  They want you to be amazing.  They want your life to be fulfilled.  I understand that adults are boring and just want you to do work.  However, when you're an adult, there will be even older adults telling you what do and how to do a boring way.  These adults will want you to do boring, tedious back breaking work.  Some of you may get the opportunity to be those boring adults.  However, being an adult pays the bills.  Don't allow yourself to be brought down by people who aren't dedicated to getting better.  If the friends you surround yourself with don't have your best interest at heart, you need new friends.  If you're not sure what your best interest is, I'll tell you:  be a better person.  Your definition of better may be stranger than mine, but I promise you that if you go the path of terrible people, your life will not be fulfilled.  Oh you'll have a nice time for a minute, but in the end, you'll be less successful than the "boring" people.  When your teachers give you an assignment, get it done.  Don't slack off.  Do something that people can be proud of.  If you're not sure how to get to that point, ask me.  I'll tell you exactly what you'll need to get people proud of you.

To everyone, have a blessed school year.  Don't give up on each other.  Make each other better.  Life gets easier when you have support, so support each other.

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