Friday, August 17, 2012

Music Friday

I have a food review.  Carrabba's is amazing.  If you've never been, you owe it to yourself to get it.  I was smart and got the 3-Course meal for 15 bucks.  I was so good.  I started with the spinach and goat cheese flatbread.  Don't sleep on goat cheese, people.  That stuff is like crack, except without the desire to do unsavory things just to have it.  Then I had the Caesar Salad.  I love Caesar Salad.  Julius was a genius if he truly had a hand in the creation of it.  Everytime I see a Caesar Salad, I think of the episode of Kitchen Nightmares where the terrible kitchen staff tried to put carrots in the Caesar Salad.  Finally, my entree was the Champagne Shrimp and Scallops.  Oh my goodness.  I love pasta.  I love seafood.  I don't know how they got that seafood there to taste so yummy in the middle of the mountains, but wow.

All of that was 15 bucks.  That is date night material gentlemen.  If you have a lady you think is pretty and want to really impress her, take her Carrabba's and buy two of these deals.  You will be full.  You will be impressed, but most importantly...she will be impressed.  She should be thankful for the free meal, and even more thankful that you are thrifty enough to do this.  It shows a bit of initiative.  Point being, get on this train now.  It says it's only for the summer, so get on that horse, NOW.

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