Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Top Ten

This week's top ten is dedicated to my first week of the new school year.  I'll countdown the highlights.

10.  Familiar Faces
It's good to go to the school you worked in the year before.  Sometimes it's just nice to go into a school and know a majority of the people.  Lucky for me, the familiar faces are cool.

9.  Crazy New Bus Lot
The county put together this new route for the buses to go through to get to the middle school behind my school.  It's fun to watch people try to maneuver this smoothly.  They never get it right.  Probably never will.

8.  PTA
Our PTA hooks us up.  They do food and stuff better than anyone I know.  They're supposed to hook us up with hot dogs with the fixings this week.  Sweet.

7.  Funny People
My co-workers are very funny.  I'm the funniest, but sometimes I meet people that can keep me on my toes. I'm appreciative of that.

6.  The Secretary
She loves me.

5.  The Kids Not On My Watch
Without getting into too much, I meet some kids that I really don't work with.  They are some fun kids.  Very kind and sweet.  They are also pretty polite.

4.  The Teachers' Lounge
It has a television.  I catch Price is Right almost 3 times a week, depending on my lunch time.  Plus, it's always good to have a quiet place to eat my home made lunches.

3.  My Kiddos
I love my kids.  They are so awesome.  Even the ones I don't directly work with, they are great.  I just love their progress.

2.  My Co-Workers
I have some awesome co-workers.  Which is great because sometimes I don't get that lucky.  I'm blessed to have people who I can really rely on to get it done.

1.  The Clock-In Machine
It talks to me.  It says, "Welcome" and "Good Bye" in the sweetest voice.  Imagine Marilyn Monroe singing Happy Birthday To You to JFK.  Now imagine her welcoming you to work every morning.  She's the highlight of my day.

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