Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Turn Back Tuesday

Today's flashback goes back to the whole Lindsay Lohan saga.  I still have a strong opinion about how terrible the justice system in America can be at times.  I'll explain after you click the link below.


I have to tell you that seeing what some people are willing to do to get out of taking responsibility for their own actions.  It's ridiculous how many famous people can get little to no punishment for heinous crimes.  It's also ridiculous how many lawyers are willing to spit on the justice system just to make a quick buck.

There is such a terrible divide between us that don't make money and those that do.  There is just a terrible chasm that allows those who can't afford high dollar lawyers and those who can't.  It's a shame that guys like Charlie Sheen gets umpteen amounts of chances while kids in the inner city get absolutely no chance to improve themselves.  It's a shame that even in suburban America, there is a bell curve compared to other people.  I watched an episode of Judge Mathis once where a Caucasian woman said she had just been released from 30 days in jail for drug trafficking.  That's amazingly shocking to me.

It seems like there isn't nearly enough give and take for certain people when it comes to criminal activity.  It should be the same for all people.  If you're going to hit an African American teenage boy with 20 years for an attempted murder, a Caucasian television and movie star should get the same.

One day all will get their justice from the Lord above.  It will be fair, swift, and righteous.  However, God hasn't called us who are reading this home, yet.  So I'm thinking He'd like us to do a better job of carrying justice the way we should.

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