Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Turn Back Tuesday

Today's flashback takes me to when I described my favorite sports teams.

Click HERE to learn about my favorite teams.

I've realized that I really don't have a centralized set of teams that I like.  Truth be told, I like it that way.  It makes me unique.  Plus, it becomes a pretty good conversation piece.

"Hey, Tyrone.  You from Chicago?"

"Nope, just love the White Sox."

"You from Wisconsin?  You sure do love those Packers."

"Nope, I just have an affinity for teams that have the best quarterbacks ever."

"Tyrone, I know you're not from Oklahoma."

"You're right."

"You're not really from Seattle either, are you?"

"Nope, just loved those Sonics."

I think the main reason I love these sets of teams is because I'm not good at following the crowd.  I like being an original.  I love the fact that I have such a wide array of teams that I like.  I do wish to take a road trip to see these teams.  I want to go to Lambeau and see the Packers...except they're booked for the next 100 years or something like that.  I want to go to Comiskey (U.S. Cellular Field) to see the White Sox, and that's a goal I think I can achieve.  I have tons of friends in Chicago that would put me up, no problem.  I have friends in Oklahoma City that could put me up and then take me to a game, no complaints.  One day, I will see my favorite teams in person.

And I will cry.  Tears of joy.


  1. Damn nigga this is awful dat u on tha map lyk dat, try ta hol a yung nigga back. Keep grindin doe

  2. I'm glad this is anonymous because if I were this person's English teacher, I'd kill myself.