Saturday, August 11, 2012

Open Letter Saturday

I haven't written an open letter in a while.  Been so tied up and busy with things that I just hadn't had the time nor the energy to do it.  Today's open letter goes out to something I feel has ruined our country.

Dear Politics,

I don't know if you're just lazy, or you're just negligent.  All I see are ads attacking the other party.  All I hear are, "take down this party" or "stop that party".  There is a problem.  There are more than two parties.  It's so disrespectful to people who are running for President, or any public office for that matter, who may not be a Democrat or Republican.  There are people working their tails off to campaign, and you ignore them because they don't have the donkey or elephant on their little tag.  It's really annoying.

Look, I get that people can only work in spurts of two at a time, but we need to open our eyes to everyone else out there.  Some who have their own patterns for living that works for both the left and right.  However, you choose to ignore them to make this a gang warfare type issue.  It's really a shame.  I thought gang warfare was for the inner cities, not for high dollar politics.

And I have to say that anyone registered to one or the other party need to think for yourselves.  Stop allowing msnbc and Fox News to tell you how to think.  All the time, I see people just spouting off what they heard on cable news instead of really thinking for themselves about things.  I'm sure Mitt Romney is not a money grubbing snob just as much as Barack Obama is not a Socialist wealth spreader.  Try really reading what they think before making a decision.

And truth be told, I'm voting for myself as President because neither guy, nor any of the other outside party candidates appeal to me or what I want more than I do.

An Annoyed Citizen of America.

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