Thursday, August 30, 2012

Running and Stuff

So for the last two weeks or so, I've decided to run my neighborhood every morning.  It's not a marathon or anything, just a mile long run around town.  I have to say that I am feeling a lot better.  It's good to breathe in that fresh air while I get my heart pumping.

I'm so happy that I decided to do this.  I can feel my body feeling better.  I can see my confidence growing with every step I take as I run.  I've always been more of a sprinter than a long distance person.  I think if everyone took the time to do something active, life would be a lot easier.

I think we have an issue in America.  There are way too many people who don't do the little things to make themselves healthier.  I'm not saying that we're all terrible, but we can do better.  When people are allowed to sue McDonald's because of their weight, it's time to rethink our lives a little.  It's time to do a little something to help ourselves.  A simple walk, taking the steps instead of the elevator, or not getting fourths at dinner time can help a lot.

I've decided that from now on, I will be a little better about what I eat.  I won't say that I will be the perfect dieter, because this isn't a diet.  This is a conscious decision to not be a freaking pig and move a little more.

The end result, shoot, I'll be the hottest dude maybe ever.

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