Monday, January 23, 2012

You're trapped

Well the Super Bowl is all set.  Which means that all those that hate football will be trapped into wall to wall coverage of the Super Bowl.  For those who hate both teams in the Super Bowl, that would be me, we're going to have to come up with some sort of game plan to keep ourselves from being absolutely bombarded.  So here are some suggestions for how to combat all the Super Bowl coverage you're trapped in.

1.  Watch Highlights of Your Favorite Team
With the advent of YouTube and other streaming websites, there is always some kind of available video of your favorite team.  There are highlights, for some teams like the Minnesota Vikings that covers about a minute or two, that you can re-live and enjoy over and over again.  Enjoy what your team did for the season.  Look at statistics and watch some incredible games that your team may have participated in over the course of the season and beyond.

2. Mock Bandwagoners.
If there is one thing for certain, the Super Bowl teams will have an abundance of bandwagoners.  Test them.  Ask them questions about their "favorite" team.  If they take longer than 20 seconds to answer, they aren't a fan or they're using Wikipedia.  Laugh at them.  Post Facebook statuses about their fair weather behavior.  Don't be afraid to call them out by name, too.  Trust me, I know someone who was cheering for the Saints a week ago.  Now they're Giants fans.  Silly kids.

3. Prepare Yourself for Commercials
If there is one thing about the Super Bowl that is worth watching no matter what, it's the commercials.  I mean, a commercial relaunched Betty White's career.  Enjoy commercials and be prepared for some good ones.  Bud Light, Doritos, and E Trade usually kill it.  That baby cracks me up.  There's also a show online that you can watch that replays all the commercials.  Avoid the Go Daddy commercials, that's a waste of time.

4. Celebrate My Birthday
Funny Story:  My birthday is the same day as the Super Bowl.  February 5, 2012, I will be turning 29 years and 36 months.  Have a Tyrone Dudley Party.  Dance to old Motown songs, crack open a Yoo Hoo, and order tons of chicken wings from random places.  In fact, I'd suggest taking me out to dinner.  I'd suggest buying me something awesome to commemorate this momentous occasion.  I'd adjust all the calendars at your workplace, put posters on your fridge, and really get your life away from Super Bowl coverage.

There you go.  Some tips for how to keep your sanity during all this Super Bowl coverage.  Trust me, you will be over run with it, and you can't avoid it.  It's like a semi-truck going 100 MPH downhill.  Do these things, and you will have a fairly happy life for February 5, 2012.

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