Friday, January 20, 2012

How Long Should Loyalty Last

I've really noticed something about life.  Loyalty helps further a lot of friendships.  Loyalty breeds trust.  I've also noticed that most of the loyal people on this planet are giving their loyalty to people who aren't quite grateful for said loyalty.  I consider it a waste of energy to show loyalty to those who won't return the favor.  However, we're commanded by God to love and forgive everyone.  It makes me wonder if I'm doing right by avoiding those who are truly not devoted to loving people back.  Then I think about how Jesus forgave everyone that has lived, will live, and are living now.  So what do I do?  I think you just have to pick your battles.  You have to decide at what cost do you share your loyalty.  I think there is a middle ground.  Somewhere between forgiving those who wronged you and being smart enough to not go all in on someone.  However, my complaint really isn't about giving loyalty.  It's about what others do with that loyalty.  Look, if you have someone in your life that is good to you; that will bend over backwards to make you happy.  The least you can do is return the favor.  Be grateful for what they have been and done for you.  I've seen so many people do any and all things for others and the recipient just ignored them and took them for granted.  That's weak sauce.  Come on, you mean to tell me you can't send a thank you phone call or a hug?  I mean, at what point do you realize that you've got it better than pretty much anyone?  Maybe if they sell all their possessions, give you the profit, and then maybe just maybe you might say, "oh wow, you're nice."  Stop being a jerk.  Be a good person and respect those who would do anything for you.  You'll never have it like this.  And if someone does decide to forgive you for being an ungrateful turd, you'd better kiss their feet and love them three times as much as they love you.  Because you'll never miss your water till the well runs dry.


  1. I love it!! It's so true. You are so great with words.

  2. couldn't have said it better myself!