Saturday, January 28, 2012

Random Musings

I don't really have a particular topic to talk about, so I'll just ramble about whatever is on my mind.  Be careful, things could switch in an instant.

Being hurt stinks.  I suggest not getting hurt in your life.  Just avoid it all together.

Sheetz makes some banging wings.  They're kind of high dollar, but they're worth it.  Plus if you add a double dark chocolate make-your-own shake, you're pretty much in heaven.

If there is anything that you should do if you live in or around Roanoke, go to Second Helpings.  I got three really nice sweaters for $14.00.  Seriously can't beat that.

I love Winter X Games, so much fun.  I couldn't do anything there, but I'd do it if I could.  Maybe if they created a Snow Angel making event, I'd win.  I mean seriously, who makes a better snow angel than me?

I should seriously consider secretly recording my roommate Eddie and writing a book about his random musings.  That's after the T-Bone project ends.

Speaking of, I still need to draw the pictures for that book.  The book is all done, but kids love pictures.  Actually, adults like pictures too.  No one reads magazines for the articles.

I'm reading Uncle Tom's Cabin with my Google Books.  I suggest everyone reading it at least once.  It's a raw and real depiction of slavery and the mindsets of people in the mid-1800s.

I don't understand how people can beg and plead for something, then when that something comes, ignore it and shy away from it.  It's like asking for a new car, getting the new car, then telling the car that it's a nice car, but you'd rather drive the jalopy over there.

Friend Zone, that unenviable place where your kindness can't quite overcome some particular circumstance about you.  It can be looks, financial situation, or some other superficial trait.  There are ways to leave the Friend Zone, however face lifts are expensive and bank robbery is illegal.  So, there's really no way out of it.

Australia needs to trade places with Rhode Island.  Missing the Australian Open because I'm asleep when it's on is not a good look.

I love my mom, she's great.  However my mom has to learn that everything smaller than a car shouldn't automatically cost 5 bucks or less.

I would suggest watching "Firefly".  Has that dude from Castle in it.  It was aired in 2002, very good show that shouldn't have been cancelled.

Anyone want to treat me to Buffalo Wild Wings on February 4 to see Nick Diaz vs Carlos Condit?  I was going to take a small trip for my birthday, but circumstances are slowly telling me that it could be the personification of a fruitless endeavor.

Red Bull is the grossest stuff.  Their commercials are the only reason they're worth anything.

Williamson Road sidewalks are absolutely deadly.  Sometimes, they elevate and you can trip without noticing.  I almost ate the concrete at least 4 times.  I did get good exercise.

I think my bathroom needs a good cleaning.  I'll get on it soon, I promise.

I can't work my fireplace.  I'd ask the landlord, but he's as effective as a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest.

I love my friends.  They're good people.  And apparently, they love my blog.  Why am I not famous yet?

I'd love to live in Colorado.  The mountains are pretty, the Winter X Games are there, and Tebow.  Who doesn't love Tebow, besides Atheists and Steeler fans?

Real talk, winning someone's heart without money for flowers or guitar playing skills is very tough.  Sweet words only go so far.  One day, I'll figure this out.

Don't have much else on the mind.  I'll rant more about one of these topics.  Leave a comment if you want me to expound on something in here.  Also, subscribe to my blog so you'll get emails exactly when I post the blog.


  1. How about the in-laws....they are NOT cracked up to be what most hope! Run! Got a random though on that! I wasn't sure if you meant talking more about what you have already posted or you would add on here, anyway...

  2. LOL, I don't have in-laws to talk about. Last girlfriend's family liked me. Most mothers would love for me to marry their daughters.