Wednesday, January 18, 2012

No Wimps Allowed

Dear people.  I ask you to be please consider not being a wuss anymore.  Stop being offended by simple phrases and statements.  It's getting ridiculous.  It's gotten to the point where people have to filter themselves twenty times before saying what they want to say.  And by then, it's not anything like what they wanted to say.  I think the trend of political correctness has gotten out of hand.  I remember posting a blog about the Jets quarterback who pretty called out his team as being uninspired at times.  All of the football players and analysts were disturbed and mad at the player for saying these things.  What happened to being honest?  What happened to players being upset that their fellow players WEREN'T PLAYING HARD!?!?  Now we have to keep it in house and don't upset the whole team with the truth.  It's gets better.  A teacher was reprimanded and up for termination for posting on her facebook about the kids in her class being future criminals after day where she was assaulted by her students and had her property stolen by a student.  I guess she was wrong in the fact that they already were criminals, no need for the future.  How about defending the teacher's right to be able to teach a class without having to worry about getting beaten up or having something stolen?  It's ridiculous that you have to censor yourself on your personal social media outlet.  Yes I know that parents can see things, but parents need to see things sometimes.  They sure as heck aren't seeing it at home.  In a county not far from me in Virginia, there was complaints about the Ten Commandments being posted at a school.  Hmm, telling people that stealing is wrong, how could they?  It's obnoxious to me that someone who had no stake in the school whatsoever started this war, claiming that rights were being violated.  It gets better, some talk had been made to make preaching in church a hate crime if they mention a particular lifestyle as a sin.  No particular lifestyle, but any lifestyle that may be considered not of God.  That's a private church, it can say what it wants.  Plus, it's God's word, take it up with Him.  For someone to tell God what He can and cannot have preached out of His word is kind of a bad move.  I think the biggest deal is just the way we have to curb our words all the time now just to keep a particular group from feeling slighted.  I'm not saying we go about saying hurtful things to people just for the sake of saying it, but I am talking about turning off our sensitive button and living life with little care as to what's said to or about you.  Let's bring back the adult who sees a child acting up and tells the kid to act right instead of cowering and shaking their head to themselves.  Please people, stop being so sensitive.  Stop wishing for peace on earth.  It can only happen with Jesus, and we all know how you sensitive people feel about Him....

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