Sunday, January 29, 2012

The future is brighter than we thought

A few blogs back, I posted about some very ungrateful children who complained about the color of their iPhone that they got for Christmas.  At that time, I truly believed that this world was destined to be full of selfish, obnoxious brats that would throw me into a home without a moment's hesitation.  I thought we were doomed with dumber kids who cared more about fashion than phonics.  Today, I had nursery duty at church.  I have to say that the future is a lot brighter than first anticipated.  We had six kids in the nursery and they were all so wonderful to work with.  They were bright, intelligent, well mannered, and respectful.  The oldest in the group was 4 I think and the youngest was just over a year old.  They were playing, frolicking, and just being what they were, children.  It's a blessing to watch kids nowadays.  They have an innocence about them that is hard to explain.  They share whatever is on their heart.  They can make a game out of anything.  Two little girls made the crib a clubhouse.  The young one helped me put together a floor puzzle.  It was so cute to see her try to sound out the numbers on the hopscotch puzzle.  The kids all hugged the young one for her helping to clean up.  They all drew some pretty cool pictures of their families.  Some, I couldn't tell who was who, but they were artistic nonetheless.  It's pretty awesome to see some kids actually enjoy each other's company and respect adults put in charge of them at that young of an age.  Although I have to say my top moment was when I was playing with the pop up toy, and I wasn't sure what kind of animal popped up.  The child who was about 3 I guess says, "It's a giraffe.  Come on Tyrone."  No giraffes have round heads, so I think I have a case.  Point being, enjoy the kids.  They're our future.  Teach them stuff.  Share your life with them.  I suggest every person find a kid and be good to them.  It's the only way we can weed out the jerky, selfish, obnoxious ones that have infiltrated our fair world.

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