Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Turn Back Tuesday

Usually, I post a blog that I had already done in the past and reflect upon what I was thinking when I typed it.  I also add new thoughts to the opinion. And in some instances, my opinions change, or at the very least are tweaked.  Obviously, today is a very interesting and somber day.  So instead of bringing back an old classic, I'm going to just talk about my feelings about this day.

A lot of you may not know this, but I was born in Brooklyn, NY.  I do claim South Carolina as my home, mostly because most of the significant events of my life happened there.  However, there is always that New Yorker in me that comes out when needed.  The day that the attacks on our country happened, the New Yorker in me really shined.  I was angry.  I was upset.  One of the coolest landmarks I'd ever been to was destroyed.  I still remember the field trip we went on in the third grade to see the Twin Towers.  When those towers fell, it ticked me off royally.  I wanted to fight anyone who said that Allah was a god of peace.  I wanted to give anyone who cried the words Jihad a black eye.  This is real talk, people.  

However, I quickly and readily realized that God can bring anything bad and turn it to good.  There is always that silver lining that we talk about constantly.  What happened after that attack pretty much showed everyone that we as Americans can come together for a common cause.  That common cause is...well, I'm not sure.  It's been so long since we were united in something that I kind of lost track of what it was we're trying to do in the first place.  When you put up a poster or a bumper sticker that says "Never Forget" and then flip off the driver who cut you off, you're being a hypocrite.  When you boycott a pizza parlor simply because the owner picked up the president in a show of love and appreciation, you're kind of telling everyone that God Bless America is just a cute little phrase or a nice song to sing at a Yankees game.  It's really a whole lot of bull you're spewing, truth be told.  

Yeah I know, I'm being critical, but I have a right to be.  You go about, telling everyone how 9/11 was the worst tragedy you ever experienced and that it made you realize that you need to change, yet you constantly disrespect and spit on other people's pursuits of happiness because it's not what your happiness would entail.  It's really a crappy way to go about life.  You keep telling everyone how you were affected heavily by it, but you would just as soon tell a CEO of a corporation that answering a question honestly that you're boycotting his establishment in the name of rights and freedoms.  What kind of sense does that make when you want rights, yet as soon as someone questions that right, you fly off the handle and scream intolerance.  

Look, I like you America.  You're a great country, greatest in the world if you ask me.  If you disagree, you should consider going to the country you do think is better and try that one.  Not trying to kick you out, but you shouldn't waste your time in a place that doesn't make you happy (see "dating relationships" for similar opinions).  However, America you have lost your way.  You have forgotten why we bonded together on 9/11/01.  You have constantly pissed on the memory of those who died in those plane crashes, fought to defeat those who performed the heinous acts, and the families of those victims with your constant arguing over who or what is better.  

God can't bless America if Americans can't bless each other.  It's not a fair trade.  It's actually kind of wrong to ask for blessings and well wishes if all you're going to do is ignore the unity.  This election is a perfect example of how not to do things.  So much, "I'm better than this guy" or "this guy can't do it like me."  What happened to, "I'm going to bring some ideas to the table, let's ignore the greedy people and do what's right." That's not keeping 9/11 on the brain when you only succumb to the rich people.  I'm sure the criminals who did the attacks on 9/11 didn't care about how rich someone on the plane was.  Their goal was to ruin us, and truth be told, I think they accomplished their goal.  When we are constantly battling and arguing and forgetting to remember that day, we are nothing but ruined.

So go on and post your banners, flags, pictures, and cute, whimsical Photoshopped and Instagram'd Facebook posts.  I'll just treat people like God wants me to treat them, and we'll see who remembered what.

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