Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Top Ten

Sorry, I didn't do an open letter this past Saturday.  I was just so worn out from all the things I do over the course of a week that I just couldn't bring my creative juices up.  Today, I have a great amount of things on my mind.  Today's top ten is a list of the top ten things that are socially unacceptable that I really want to do.

10.  Ask How Much a Five Dollar Footlong Costs
Something about asking questions that answer themselves just makes me giggle.  The joke used to be asking how many layers were in a 7-layer burrito, however the burrito has been discontinued.  So, it's the sandwich that shall now be mocked.

9.  Celebrate Columbus Day with an Invasion
Truth be told, Columbus basically rolled up on an island and took over.  I want to do that.  It think this Columbus Day, I'm going to roll up into someone's house, sit on their couch and tell them I live there.

8.  Ask a Random Girl to Marry Front of Her Man
I don't know why I want to do this, but it seems fun.  Seems kind of funny too.

7.  Answer Everything with, "Because I'm Black?"
I've never done this for a whole day.  I've gone a couple minutes at the most, but not a whole day.  I will do this, and maybe record it.

6.  Streak
I'll probably never do this...I've done it on a hallway at college, but never outside in the open.  Just seems like a fun thing to do.

5.  Use a Women's Restroom
Women always use the men's room.  When they do that, it's resourceful.  When men use a women's restroom, they're perverts.  Oh, just a heads up women...when you use our toilet, don't complain about the seat being up.  That's our toilet.

4.  Drive-By with a Water Gun
This happened to my friend in college.  I want to do that now.  Just roll up on unsuspecting people and shoot them with a super soaker or something.  Maybe even water balloons.

3.  Kiss an Irish Person
You ever see one of those t-shirts that say "Kiss Me I'm Irish"?  Well, next time I see someone wearing it, I'm taking them up on their offer.  I just want to know what they'd do if I actually did that.

2.  Put a Ring on It
Beyonce says that if you liked it, you'd put a ring on it.  Next time I see something I like, I'll find a ring and put it on it.  What it is, I'm not sure.

1. Bring 13 Items to the Express Lane
The sign clearly says 12 items or less.  Just doing one more is more annoying than anything else.  I probably would never do that because I've been the victim of it.  Most people wouldn't notice, but I do.  Because I hate it happening to me.

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