Saturday, September 15, 2012

Open Letter Saturday

I'm sure most of the people who will read this will agree with me.

Dear Mayor Bloomberg,

I don't know what happened, but you seem to be smelling your own funk.  How in the world could you possibly think that banning large sugary drinks would some how save the people from obesity?  Look, I totally agree that our nation is the unhealthiest, by far.  I agree that we do way too much eating and sitting and not nearly enough moving and shaking.  Our foods are processed, injected, and manufactured.  There is just a lot of scary things that are happening to our foods.  

I just have to wonder why you think stopping the size of sweet drinks will do anything.  How about making regulations that restaurants and stores can't use preservatives at all in their foods?  Where are the food police when some cafeterias, if not all, are using ammonia in their meats?  I'll tell you where they are, collecting the money from whoever is lining their pockets.  

It's ridiculous that people feel like they need to tell people how to eat.  In the end, it is the choice of the people on what to do with their bodies.  If they want to eat all gross and never stop drinking sodas, that's on them.  I know that last statement on bodies and such will be used for other arguments, but I'll say that belly fat and babies are completely separate from each other.  However, that's for another time and place.

I just don't like hearing that sodas have to be regulated.  Especially when there are liquor stores selling 40 ounces and grocery stores selling that Four Loco mess, it makes me wonder what you have against sugar.  

I understand banning smoking in restaurants because that second hand smoke can hurt you.  I understand noise ordinances.  However when you start telling the people that sugary drinks aren't going to be tolerated when there are 100 things worse, you start to make me question your integrity.  Jesse Ventura said it best, "if you want to know why anyone does anything in life, follow the money."  Basically, let's see what financial gain banning certain sized sugary drinks will bring to NYC and to Mayor Bloomberg.

But for now, I bid you a good evening as I enjoy my 30+ ounce Coke from McDonald's.

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