Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Top Ten

I wasn't sure what to make a top ten list of.  In fact, I wasn't sure exactly what to talk about.  I guess I'll just go in a sports themed direction.  Sorry, mom.  I know you hate sports.

Today's top ten is basically, the top ten moments from this past weekend of football.

10.  Penn State's First Win Under Bill O'Brien
This win was needed for the program.  The Nittany Lions needed to seriously get out of the shadow of Joe Paterno.  The whole Sandusky thing left a black mark for years.  That win helps everyone realize that football goes beyond Paterno.

9.  Empty Miami Stadium
Sun Life?  More like Done Life...
The University of Miami was a national super power.  They were known for having swagger and panache that pro teams were jealous of.  Last Saturday, they fell to dark times.  Not sure what to say about this except that Miami isn't what they used to be.  It's a shame too, because Miami used to be why people watched football, either to see them win or to see them lose.

8.  Replacement Referees
These guys are terrible.  I'm sure Commissioner Goodell is looking at these games thinking how terrible these refs are.  When they called a clear pass downfield a fumble, that was it for me.  Dan Dierdorf tried to justify the call by saying that it could have looked like fumble in real time.  Greg Gumbel quickly 86'd that idea.  It's just sad.  Goodell needs to just give the real referees whatever they are asking for and more.  Football can't go through this.

7.  Liberty vs Montana
My Flames lost, it was sad.  However, the Flames played a true traditional FCS power.  Montana has been on top for years.  It was huge for my Alma mater to be able to play someone with that much prestige.  Sometimes, it's more about the journey than the victory.

6.  Stanford beats University of Southern California
Southern California was supposed to be the national champion.  They were supposed to dominate their conference.  When Stanford beat them, especially without Andrew Luck, it showed that anything can happen.

5.  Arkansas' Downfall
Last week, they lost to University of Louisiana-Monroe.  This week, they got stomped by Alabama.  Everyone said Arkansas would be the monkey wrench in LSU and Alabama's plans for being champions.  Not really sure what this does.  All I know is that Arkansas failed the minute Bobby Petrino decided to cheat on his wife with an intern.  Shame, really.

4.  My Gamecocks
They haven't lost, yet.  I'm very happy about this.  We have a very very tough test against Missouri this Saturday.  And, it's on CBS.  The Gamecocks are terrible on CBS.  However, I'm enjoying the ride so far.

3.  Packers Win
Last week, everyone but the Packers won in the NFC North. This week, everyone but the Packers lost in the NFC North.  Doesn't matter, cream rises to the top.  I'm very happy that my Packers have brought it back.  Let's keep it going.

2.  My Fantasy Team
My team has scored 177 points this week.  I'm pretty proud of that.  The best part is that I could have scored 186 points if I started Brent Celek instead of Vernon Davis.

1.  Arizona beats New England
I'm not particularly happy about that.  However, it just goes to show that you can't just assume your team is above everyone else.  You have to go out there and show your power every week.  Any given Sunday, anyone can be beat.  If you're not on your P's and Q's, you're going down.  I'm just kind of shocked it happened to a normally disciplined team like the Patriots...okay, I giggled a little when I saw the final score.

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