Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hectic Hump Day

So I've had some thoughts this week.  Feel free to partake.

1.  Football season has started, and I couldn't be happier.

2.  I gave my Sunday School class an incentive to study their Bibles.  I told them to work on a sheet and if they bring it back, I'd put them in a drawing for a prize.  And just to show how important this is, I'm doing the sheet, too.  I won't however, be in the drawing.

3.  So I learned about blood born pathogens today at school.  They're gross, wear gloves everywhere you go.

4.  I'm tempted to change from the football game to watching Fox on Demand to see Hell's Kitchen and MasterChef...

5.  Anyone know where I can get a more powerful cell phone battery?  My poor battery has the life span of a County Fair Goldfish.

6.  I refuse to watch either of the National Conventions until there are conventions for every party and every candidate on television.

7.  Speaking of, it seems like people are just kind of blindly jumping with their party with no real reason outside of how much they hate the other guy.  It's really annoying.  Neither candidate is worth my vote.  I'm voting for someone I like.  Me.

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