Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Top Ten

First of all, I apologize for not typing my blog last Friday and Saturday.  It's just been a hectic week and sitting in front of my computer wasn't in my agenda.  Anyway, I wasn't even sure exactly what my top ten was going to be.  Actually, I do know.  You'll like this.

This Wednesday, President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney will have a debate.  I'm a little bothered that the other presidential candidates weren't invited, but whatever the case may be, I have a few questions that I would ask.

10. Will you continue to allow Congress to give themselves raises?
Raises are usually based on job performance and tenure.  For some reason, Congress just agrees to give themselves raise after raise while people who pay their salaries continue to struggle.  Doesn't seem fair to me.

9.  How do you feel when a president is blamed for gas prices?
I don't think the President of the United States has any power over how much or little to charge for gas.  So let's stop blaming people for greedy oil tycoons' rate increases.

8.  Is obesity really any of the government's business?
With NYC putting a ban on sugary drinks over 16 ounces, it really calls into question how much a government should be involved in health and wellness.  I do think that health and wellness are highly important.  However, if the people choose to partake in unhealthy activity, that's on them, not the government.

7.  Will there ever be slavery reparations?
I watched the clip on Dave Chappelle on what would happen if slavery reparations actually came about.  Would FUBU and KFC really merge into one super-business?  Would Bill Gates be overtaken as the richest man in the world by a man from Harlem named Tron?  I kind of want to know.

6.  Will you fix the BCS?
Obama even said that the NCAA should change their football policies because of how inconsistent the BCS can be.  It'd be pretty interesting to see their stance.

5.  Will you start a policy that no one can ask for government files and paperwork of presidential candidates?
With all the ridiculousness of the Birthers and the Romney Tax Records stuff, I'm annoyed.  If Obama wasn't born in America, he wouldn't have even been chosen to run.  And quite frankly, who cares about Romney and his tax record?  It's his taxes, who cares?  It's not anyone's business how people's taxes went.  I don't tell anyone my tax records.

4.  What's wrong with offshore drilling?
Seems like using American oil is such a terrible thing to some people.  So instead, we bother other countries and take their oil.  Not a good look.

3.  Can Christians be able to express their opinions the same way everyone else can?
Seems valid.  Seems like every religion but Christianity gets to feel the way they want about anything.  However, as soon as a Christian says how they feel about something, they're offensive and divisive.

2.  Can you stop taking credit for what our military does?
Seems like every time an enemy of America meets their demise, it's the president who did it.  And yes I'm going back to Hussein in Iraq.  Point being, when people say that the president did something that our brave men and women did, the president should immediately have a conference to tell people that the military did it.

1.  Why can't the other candidates be here?
Seriously, there are more than two candidates running for president.  They deserve every chance to stake their claim to the presidency.  It's not fair that we can only hear from two parties.  There are some good ideas out there, and they don't all have to be tied to a donkey or an elephant.  Just saying.

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