Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Beyond Words

I'll be the first to admit that I can be a bit harsh with words.  I can say the wrong thing at the drop of a hat.  I can even offend some people sometimes.  However, I heard something this morning on the radio that literally made me ill.

A lot of you may or may not have heard of Ann Coulter.  If you have, you probably just cringed.  If you haven't, you will after you read this.

Ann is an ultra-conservative author and contributor to news programs and stations.  She has, on countless occasions, said some pretty outlandish things in the name of making herself the trending topic in America.  This time, she has gone too far.  During the debates last night, Coulter sent a tweet (nothing of importance has ever been written with thumbs) that said the following (and I want to seriously apologize to anyone who will be offended by this): "Glad Romney is being kind and gentle to the retard."

My stomach turned just typing that.  For anyone to just loosely throw the word "retard" around like that loses all credibility.  I didn't mind Ann Coulter before only because I always believe in people's right to having an opinion.  However, you lose everything the minute you decide to use elementary insults to get your point across.  There's no reason ever to use that word.  It's a terrible word.  It's terrible to think that it's okay to just use that to talk about anyone, much less the President of the United States.

For someone to have that little respect for the office of the President just sickens me.  It's been like that for years.  I'm annoyed by the constant disrespect just because the person in the office wasn't the person we voted for.  Get over yourself.  You lost.  Get over it and respect the man.  I've heard and seen nothing but terrible things being said about a lot of Presidents in my lifetime.  It's really not fair to them.

I'm still upset over the use of that word by someone who claims to be intelligent and on the pulse of things.  Her own conservative cohorts have been less than enthused with her choice of words.  There is nothing that any conservative can say that can justify this behavior.  I hope that she really gets hit hard by special education people and others.  I hope that one day, she realizes that her issues with making terrible choices in phrases.

To anyone reading this, please please don't use that word.  Be wise with your words.

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