Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Talk About Yesterday

So I sat down and decided to watch the Presidential Debate last night.  I'm not normally involved with politics, and truth be told, I couldn't care less about them at times.  I have a huge issue with how candidates carry themselves.  I also have a problem with their terrible ability to talk out of both sides of their mouth.  The lies, buzz words, and sweet talk just gets annoying.  However, I decided to see what the main two candidates had to say.

Let's be honest.  From a purely objective standpoint, Mitt Romney won that debate.  Here's a man who threatened Big Bird and his way of life and still won a debate against the most charismatic president of our time.  It's awfully telling when a President is only as effective as the notes written in his teleprompter.  However, the thing I took away from this debate was how disinterested President Obama seemed during the debate.  I'm sure there are some reasons.

Maybe the 47% comments gave Obama a false sense of security.  I think he felt like he had this election won already and didn't need to put a lot of effort into the debate.  Maybe he felt as if Romney had shot himself in the foot enough that the debate would just be Romney being a windbag.

Maybe he thought msnbc would cover for him.  I think Obama might have had a feeling like his personal fan club at 30 Rock would just cover for him and his shortcomings.  I watched their post debate coverage and they looked anything but confident about Barack Obama.  Poor Chris Matthews looked like his favorite quarterback just threw 5 interceptions on Monday Night Football.  Al Sharpton does what he always does, throw the blame on whitey.

Maybe, just maybe, Romney decided that it was his time to shine.  Sometimes you need something to put a foot in your behind to get you going.  That 47% thing may have been that something.  Romney decided that it was now or never to show the country that he was willing to fight for the presidency.  When you show a country fight, they tend to be on your side.  They tend to want to get behind you.

Now, I know that most people have already cast their votes and decided who they are pulling for, and that's fine.  However, you cannot deny that Romney got a really good punch in to start this fight.  All I know for certain is that God is in control.  No matter who wins the presidency, God is running things.  Never forget that.

I still wish they would have let everyone who is running for president be at the debate.  It's not fair that the rest of the candidates can't share their opinions and thoughts on things...of course, that would also mean that poor Jim Lehrer would have had even less control of things.


  1. I was amazed by Obama's overly-casual composure and his lack of actually answering questions. Both candidates completely trampled Lehrer, which was rather disrespectful. But I was definitely impressed by Romney's apparent grace under pressure. I may not like either of them, but I guess I dislike Romney less. So, there's that...

  2. I did one of those questionaires to see who I should vote for. It said Libertarian candidates Gary Johnson.

  3. Enjoyed your comments. Most people have made their mind up on who they will vote for. The main thing is that people vote! So many people say God is sovereign and I don't need to vote! Well God will not be deterred, true; however, what about being obedient? We live by God's grace in a country that is suppose to be "for the people", "by the people", and so should be reflective of the people, don't you think? If you are against ungodly things going on in "our" government, VOTE! Otherwise, we are a part of the problem and are not refelcting godly choices in the country God placed us in to serve him.