Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Stay in Your Own Element, PLEASE

I am disturbed and upset right now.  First of all, I am tremendously supportive of everyone.  I want everyone to be with me in this new age of technology.  However, some people are having some trouble.  Let me give you some background.  How many times do you see someone berate the cashier or bagger at the grocery store?  How many times have you been the berater?  Well, the grocery store and other stores have figured a way to solve that problem.  They have invented the self checkout lane.  If you haven't seen these, it's basically a lane where you can scan, bag, and pay for your groceries all by yourself with no help from the staff.  Sometimes they may have to check your ID if you purchase some adult beverages, but all in all it's you and you alone.  Well some people need a little bit of coaching as to how to use this apparatus.  So here are some tips so that you can use this quickly, and I don't have to wait in a line holding cold ice cream and hot, fresh cooked chicken from the deli for minutes on end.

1) If you have 300 items, don't use the self checkout.  It's not for you, it's for people in a hurry.
2) Point the bar code toward the light.  It will scan it, I promise.
3) After you scan, put the item into the bag. The bags are right next to the scanner.
4) If you only have one or two items and you don't want to deal with a bag, that's fine.  But the machine will tell you to put the item in the "bagging area."  The bagging area is basically a scale.  It measures the item you bought just to make sure it is going where it needs to be.  So just put the item on the scale if you don't want a bag.  That way it won't tell you to put the item in the area for minutes and you're not embarrassed.
5) Have your method of payment ready to go before you even start. 
6) Don't leave your change in the machine.  People will take it and use it for themselves.

There you go, some simple rules for using the self checkout.  And just remember that if you paid $400 for a box of Lucky Charms, that's your fault.

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