Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Friends Are Ruining a Song

I don't know what's happening to this world, but it seems like a lot of things are being quoted.  Well, one in particular...a particular song.  I can think of at least 27 occasions where my facebook friends have quoted this over and over.  I could be wrong on that number but considering my annoyance, it seems better to fabricate a tad.  If you don't know, there is a song called "Airplanes" by some fellow named B.O.B.  I have no idea what that stands for, but if his real name is Bob, I'm flipping out.  It's a rap song, however a lot of white people like it because a white chick from a band sings the hook (chorus).  Kinda like when everyone loved Eve because Gwen Stefani sang with her on one song.  Anyhoo, all my friends keep quoting this song.  It's a decent song, however it's becoming overkill.  Too many people are quoting it as if it's some kind of magical formula.  Folks, shooting stars kill people.  Did you not see Armageddon?  The shooting star was coming towards Earth at rapid pace.  Billy Bob Thornton was super nervous about this thing, and he married Angelina Jolie.  It killed Bruce Willis, and he never got to see Liv Tyler marry Ben Affleck.  Sorry I went on that tangent, but understand that shooting stars kill people, and they are DANGEROUS.  It gets worse, now we want to pretend that AIRPLANES at NIGHT are equal to shooting stars.  No no no, people airplanes are bad in the daytime, much less the night sky.  Airplanes drop big blue rocks of poo on the earth.  Airplanes crash into forests.  Ask Ric Flair, almost ended his career before it started.  We'd have never gotten gems like this:

Airplanes aren't very dependable in an overall sense.  Let's change the lyrics to: Can we pretend that the UPS man carrying a big box is Ed McMahon?  I could really use a check right now, a check right now, a check right now.


  1. B.o.B.'s actually name is Bobby Ray Simmons. He got his name from the OutKast song Bombs Over Baghdad. Just sayin'.

  2. No wonder they call you Negrodamus