Thursday, June 16, 2011

Random Musings

I don't have a ton of things to talk I'll talk about everything.

First, congratulations to the Dallas Mavericks for winning the NBA Championship.  I noticed that there was a lot of Miami Heat hate going on towards the end of the 7-game series.  Makes you wonder why.  I really had no problem with the Heat as a team.  They did what every other team in the NBA tries to do, except for the Clippers of course, win the whole kit and kaboodle.  The only issue I had was the horrible "The Decision" program that aired.  Imagine me getting on television for an hour just to tell people that I've been transferred from Mountain View Elementary to Cave Spring Elementary.  I'd be slapped stupid, probably by my mother first.  However the Heat's only sin was having so much put on them, partly by their own doing.  LeBron James actually took less money to be a part of the Heat.  If he would have stuck with Cleveland for more money, we'd have called him an underachiever who just wanted all the cash.  Now his choking in the 4th quarter is legendary, but he's 26 so I give him a pass right now.  He'll be a champion in the distant to near future.

Second, congrats to the Boston Bruins for winning the NHL Stanley Cup.  However all the news is about how the city of the team they defeated went bat poo crazy on their own town.  Look people, trashing your hometown doesn't do anything.  The cup is in Boston, Massachusetts.  Maybe you should encourage your team to do well next year.  It's a lot more positive than burning cars.  I won't go the immature route and pick on an entire country.  However I will say that any people who loot a town and damage other people's property are stupid.

Third, I hate stinkbugs.  I mean seriously, how in the world do they get in my house?  The windows and doors are closed all day.  Are they sneaking in through my window A/C unit?  Everyday I'm seeing stinkbugs in my room and it's getting kinda old.  There's a war going on, Tyrone Dudley vs The Stinkbugs.  I'm winning so far.  I don't kill them, that's inhumane.  However I do grab them with a napkin and flush them down the toilet.  So technically gravity, water, and centrifugal force are killing them.  I'm just the catalyst.  I dare PETA to say something.

Good to know the little girl from The Wizards of Waverly Place isn't with child.  After seeing Miley Cyrus smoking weed and dancing provocatively for men 3 times her age, I was losing a little faith in Disney stars.  We need a good girl to come along and save us from Hoochie-Mania. 

So Anthony Weiner resigned his position.  I'm not going to lie, I really didn't care what he did.  If every person who ever did anything bad or embarassing quit their jobs, our economy would be in way worse shape than it already is.  But I can see the outcry of emotion.  A guy basically says and does some reprehensible things in the name of power and glory.  I can see why everyone would be upset.  Well, at least Fox News and some liberals.  Most liberals don't care if one of their own does something wrong.  However if Weiner were a Republican...whew would there be an outcry.  Crazy...

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