Monday, June 20, 2011

Purses, Expensive Purses

I was watching People's Court today.  Quick sidenote, Judge Marilyn Milian has it going on, woo wee.  Anyhoo, I was watching and one of cases was about a very expensive purse.  This woman decided to sell her highly expensive purse online and the plaintiff responded and bought the purse.  This woman bought this USED purse for 1200!!!!!  Now I'm no expert on purses, but if I can pay 3 months rent for a purse, I'll save the money and pay my rent.  Look ladies, I know I'm not the richest guy in the world, but I don't think any person should spend 1200 dollars on a used purse.  You shouldn't pay that much for a new purse.  How can we as a society complain and whine about the economy when we're spending what some people get in a month to live on stupid things.  I know that people should have a right to spend their money on whatever they want, but at the extent of wasting is ridiculous.  There are women who only date men with money and neglect a good man when they don't make that much money, but is it really smart to have that man with money if he's just going to spend it on accessories and stuff you don't need?  Live your life like you want, but not at the expense of being foolish.  A fool and his money are soon parted.  It's not just a cute saying, it's truth.  If you're not smart, you will be penniless.  Ask MC Hammer, dude spent money on golden grout to go into marble tile floors.  Now he's still trying to somewhat recover.  People talk about how the economy is ruined, it's horrible, we're going to be a third world country, blah blah blah.  I would venture to say that the economy would be much better if we at the very least took some of the money that we spend on foolish things and put it back into the economy.  Oprah makes enough money to save America by herself...but she's too busy postponing the NBA Playoffs to have the final First Church of Oprah service.  Which by the way, was awful.  The only person alive today that should be worshipped like that is Jesus.  Poor Steadman.  Keep your money and pay for things that are truly needed.  Save that money to send your child to college.  Take that money and donate it to people who work hard and still struggle.  Notice I said WORK HARD and still struggle, not sit on their behinds and collect. 

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