Saturday, June 18, 2011

How do you react?

Since the 1700s and probably earlier, it's been common knowledge that Black people have been lower on the totem pole to a particular group of people.  Now it's not everyone, it's just those that refuse to learn about the people that they deem second class.  When the Civil War ended, people thought that Black folks would finally get a chance to work hard and become succesful.  You know, achieve the American Dream.  The American Dream was always seen as the ideal life.  However it's caused nothing but heartache.  First of all, when Blacks were emancipated, a huge group of ignorant people decided that it was too much to have even more competition for success.  So they invented the Ku Klux Klan.  They were pretty prevalent in the late 1800s and early 1900s.  It gets worse when Blacks were seen as lower class and undeserving of certain things.  Sharing water fountains, eating at the same restaurants, and being closer to the front of the bus was not something that some people believed in.  When Black folks wanted to go to colleges with their White counterparts, it was a national incident.  One governor actually called the National Guard to stop Blacks from going to college.  Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, and others fought for equality.  They didn't ask for special rights and privileges.  They just asked for privileges like good school, government help to those who ACTUALLY need it, the ability to drink at a closer water fountain, and to sit closer to the door on a bus when they had bag upon bag upon bag of groceries.  Soon segregation was ended and it seemed as if things were getting better.  However I must say that the same ignorance and hatred is happening in the 21st Century.  I won't go into details, but basically someone made an assumption about yours truly that made no sense.  Truth be told, I was actually told that someone close to me had a family member say I was "no good" for someone else.  Now mind you, family member actually met me once.  As far as I know, I was respectful and kind.  However after one meeting, the phrase "he's no good for you" came out of this family member's mouth.  Where do they get off saying something like that about someone who they met once?  I think of all the wonderful things I did for this person, yet the family member just assumed I was no good.  Now I don't know what they meant by that, and truth be told there's a good chance I'll never really know.  However when you do wonderful things for someone, and that family member only speaks to you once in our lifetimes and they come up with that assumption....makes you wonder if someone's mindset is trapped in the 20th Century or earlier.  I know that I'm not supposed to allow ignorance to cause me to do things wrong.  However, it angers me when someone makes an ignorant statement like that.  It makes no sense to come out of left field and say someone is "no good for you" when that person went out of their way to make their family happy.  I know I said that I wouldn't address this whole thing earlier, but I can't let that kind of ignorance slide.  Now without at least calling out the ignorance.  There's only one reason you would say something like that when the only meeting you had with someone was very positive.  Look, I know that I can't change everyone's opinion about race and creeds and stuff like that.  Those who feel Blacks and other minorities are "lower class" will always think that.  However when you allow it to be the only reason you want your family to not associate with them in a closer than friends relationship, I really question your intelligence.  Funny how you see me as lower class after one meeting, yet you're supposed to be the highly intelligent person who spent years learning and studying and broadening your horizons.  You can't claim to be worldly and educated, yet after one meeting come up with a conclusion.  I thought you smart types were supposed to be learned.  Learned people do research on things before coming to conclusions.  I thought the scientific process involved research before hypothesis.  Just a heads up, this "no good" black man that isn't good enough (which I believe you really meant by "no good for you") just turned the tables on you.  Racism is beneath me, so who's really beneath who in this? 

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