Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sit Down for This One

This is kind of a mix between an open letter, an editorial, and a call to arms.  I'll hit a lot of subjects about this past week.

First of all, I must congratulate Barack Obama for being elected to a second term in office as the President of the United States.  I know that it was a tough go, but you made it, so congrats.

I understand that there are a lot of people that aren't happy about this development.  In fact, my Facebook news feed was flooded by people showing their displeasure for the outcome.  And truth be told, I really have no problem with that.  However, I did have a problem with the incessant name calling by those not happy with the results.  Some of my friends called Obama voters "stupid."  They claimed that voting him President would cause an influx of doomsday type thoughts.  Voting one man to be president doesn't make the universe any closer to Armageddon.  God is in control, and if He wants the world to end, He'd do it, no matter who the president is.  Also, you'll still have a job more than likely.  Also, no one is going to take your paycheck and spend it on health insurance and food stamps for lazy people.

I couldn't believe my friends, and in particular my fellow Christians throwing insult after insult upon the people that may have voted differently from them.  It honestly hurt my heart.  Christ never once told us to rip people apart for their political beliefs.  People actually questioned the Christianity of voters who didn't pledge their allegiance to Romney the second he won the Republican nomination.  Personally, I don't think a Christian should want a Mormon to be a leader of the nation.  I hate to break it to you, but Mormonism is a divisive and terrible group that does nothing to advance the kingdom of God.  For a Christian to be okay with him kind of scares me.

I'm also not happy with my Obama supporter friends.  It's mostly because they've been fairly obnoxious about this victory.  They were also quite annoying with the whole, "Republicans hate women" rhetoric. I'm fairly sure that most Republicans like women.  In fact, I'd say they possibly like them a little too much after some stories I've heard.  Just because a Republican says he doesn't like abortion, doesn't mean he hates women.  Maybe they want the baby to be alive more than the pregnant mother to be relieved of her responsibility.  Yes, I know about the whole equal pay for equal work controversy, but I'm sure most Republicans believe that everyone should be respected to the point that they get equal compensation.

Look, I'm just tired of seeing hatred and venom being spewed for the sake of it being spewed.  I'm bothered by Christians not using Christ's example of praying for those in charge of us.  "Give to Caesar, what is Caesar's" isn't a suggestion.  It's a command.  We are to give our leaders our undivided prayers and support, no matter how much they've hurt you...even though them being president isn't what you wanted.  We are to give our leaders respect.  What happened to respecting the office of the president?   I'm seeing everyone call our president horrible names.  That's not how Christ envisioned it.

Dear God,
Please be with our President.  Supply him with wisdom to do his job to the best of his ability. Help us to remember that spewing hate will not get your kingdom any bigger.  Forgive us for being so involved with our selfish desires that we don't think about how we're making You look in the process.  Thank you for this awesome nation where we can vote and make our voices heard.  Allow us to show our future generations how special it is to be an American and also how important it is to vote.  Never let us forget that You are ultimately in control.  Thank you for all you've given us.

I didn't do half bad with this.


  1. I agree with all of your post here except you only mentioned the morman not being a christian. God's word tells us that there will be people who claim to be christians and we need to look for their FRUIT to discern if they are really his people. With that being said any one can claim to be a christian it doesn't make them one. I have morman friends that believe they are christians.It is not my job to to tell them they are not. All I can do is pray for them and show them my life as an example of living for Christ and they will see my FRUIT. Maybe one day God can change their hearts. Now as I saw the election I had NO Christian to vote for I saw no FRUIT from either party so I had to look at what they were voting for from past votes and what they supported. I being a born again christian had to choose between the two running for president and I had to vote the one that had the same values to mine and supported what my faith supports. I saw no FRUIT in either man. I voted on what I thought would be the better man for our country. Thanks for listening and God bless!

  2. Well said Sir. As soon as Obama won, of course I wasn't excited, but I sat down and prayed for our leader. This is the man that determines if I go to war, my paycheck and the future of this country. I can only pray now that he does the best he can, and ensures that he has every citizen in mind when he makes a decision. The amount of hate that spread on both sides of the line was despicable and that goes all the way to the men running for office. We don't treat each other with respect anymore. If we are supposed to be tolerable to others, then why don't the people preaching that, live up to what they say?