Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hectic Hump Day

I haven't done one of these in a while.  I have to say that it feels good to just chill at home for a couple of days.  Pretty cool to have a couple days off from the fella.  I've spent most of those days just catching up on doing little to nothing.

One of the things I did was have a lunch/dinner at a place called Jerusalem Restaurant.  If you're in Roanoke, it's on Williamson Road, near the Shell Station across from Long John Silvers.  Their pizza is amazing.  I'd suggest anyone to get the Meat Lovers pizza.  They deliver, so don't worry about the whole going out to dinner thing.  Also, if you do want to go out to eat, don't let the interior fool you.  The booths are kind of ugly, but the food is pretty good.

I seem to have upset some people with yesterday's blog.  That's okay with me.  Mostly because I want to engage my readers in discussion about things.  I want to know what others are thinking when I post.  I don't want people blindly agreeing with me.  I'd rather have spirited discussion about things.  With that being said, let me just say that I stand by my opinion.  My opinion that there are a lot of people who discredit and disrespect the President because he's a man of color is backed with pretty decent evidence.  I've never seen a President get the amount of disrespect and bashing that President Obama gets in my life.  The fact that he's a black man isn't a coincidence.  I do believe that a lot of people disagree with his policies.  I believe that his ideals are polarizing.  However, we can't discount the fact that his ideas and policies have been on other politicians' agendas for years, yet only now are we calling the President "unconstitutional."  I'm just saying.

Apparently there's a new product out call the WaxVac.  It's supposed to vacuum out earwax and water from your earlobes.  The commercial showed the "dangers" of using a cotton swab in your ear.  The man screamed bloody murder.  Now look, I'm all for making products look a little better than they are for posterity's sake, but that's a little ridiculous.  I don't think a Q-Tip can cause that kind of injury.  Maybe if you put it in someone's eyeball.

If you live in Miami, I'm very sorry about your Marlins.  I'm very sorry that you are going to be paying tons of tax dollars towards building a stadium for a lousy team in it.  Also feel bad that they made you think they'd be good enough to justify the tax money.  It's kind of unfair.

Not sure when I'll be able to post again.  I have to report back to the fella tomorrow.  Till then...

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