Sunday, July 24, 2011

I want her back

Yeah, it's true.  I haven't really said this out loud, but I just want her back.  Maybe that's why I've been so bent out of shape.  I guess I've come to grips with these feelings last night while having some nice fun with some friends of mine.  I was watching the festivities and drinking a Coca-Cola with a slice of lime in it.  That's when it kind of hit me like a ton of bricks.  I miss her so much.  She left without a lot of fanfare and didn't bother to tell me at all.  It really broke my heart.  So I'm making a plea right now for my old girl to come back to me.  I don't think she'll read this, but if she just happens to have some friends that read this blog; I really hope they tell her that I want her back in my life again.  I remember the day we met.  I saw her chilling.  I rolled up to her and took her with me somewhere.  Never left since.  However since we met, it was hard keeping up with her.  Sometimes, I just couldn't afford her.  However, once she was with me, I never left her side and I never let her go.  Then one day, she just upped and disappeared.  No explanation.  No discussion.  Just her not there anymore.  I guess when I was drinking my Coca-Cola with a slice of lime, it all made sense as to why I was so miserable.  I missed my girl, Coke with Lime.  I know you all remember Coke with Lime.  They even had a commercial.

That stuff was so good.  It was so yummy and refreshing.  And don't give me that, "they still make Diet Coke with Lime" mess.  Anyone with a brain and 4 taste buds knows that anything diet tastes like snow tires.  Don't ask how I know what snow tires tastes like.  I'm talking the real stuff.  I remember when I brought it to work way back when and my buddy Ralph looked at it like I had a nuclear bomb.  I think the green lid hypnotised him.  I told him, "Ralph, it's Coke with Lime.  It's yummy."  I poured him a small cup and he said, "That [stuff] smells like rum and Coke."  He smelled like rum and Coke everyday at work, so I guess he would be the foremost authority.  Point being, it was so popular and now it's gone.  So, if anyone who has anything to do with Coca-Cola products is reading this (and ever since I found out people from Slovenia have been reading my blog, I don't believe it's beyond the realm of possibility that that could be happening), I beg you to PLEASE bring that stuff back.

P.S. And if you happen to be a representative from Pepsi, you must also bring back Crystal Pepsi on the double.  It was Pepsi, that was CLEAR!!!  CLEAR I SAY!!!!

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