Saturday, July 16, 2011

How does one get here?

For those wondering, which is really no one, the radio show hit a snag.  I'll get it popping soon, I promise.

You ever have someone in your life that pretty much flips the script on you?  One minute you're best friends.  Inseparable to the end.  And then KABOOM, it changes to never speaking to you again.  I always thought that stuff happened in comic books and stuff.  I don't read comic books, but I'm thinking Joker type craziness.  Actually probably more like James Franco in Spider Man.  Can't remember his character's name, but he went from quiet kid to vengeful villain in like no time.  I'm not saying that this friend is a villain, far from it.  I, to this day, respect this person for all they've been through in their life.  I even made sure that this person knew how much I respected and cared for them everyday.  For reasons, probably out of my control, this friendship dissolved.  As much as I want to just erase this from my head, I just can't do it.  Something about that whole loving your neighbor as you love yourself thing.  I refuse to be hateful and hurtful to this person, as much as they've hurt me I just can't do it.  This person has even told me how good of a person I was to them and their family.  However it's not enough.  There are people far worse in this person's life that they'll continue to be cordial to, yet I'm the leper in this thing.  To this day, I can't for the life of me figure out what went wrong to cause someone to change their tune about me so quickly.  I thought I knew, but it's just confusing me more and more.  Look, if you never want to talk to someone again, at least have an explanation.  Not an excuse or a made up reason, a legitimate explanation for what they did to you to cause you to be on their poo list.  When someone doesn't want to explain their actions, it usually means that the actions are irrational.  How do people get to a point in their life where turning on someone they cared for so much is okay?  Once I care for someone, that care stays with them for life unless they do something totally inappropriate in the relationship.  Maybe that's my problem.  Maybe I expect everyone on this planet to be as loyal to me as I would be to them.  Am I expecting too much out of the human race to just get them to say, "I'm not speaking to you because..."?   I would assume not, but I don't know.  I don't expect perfection from people, but I expect decency.  I probably don't expect the person I'm speaking of to even read this.  However I do expect people who do get to read this to think about their lives.  Think about who you're hurting with an unexplained flipping of the script.  Don't assume that the person you're trying to eradicate from your life is going to take things somewhere you don't want.  Let them prove themselves to you.  Let them show you that they mean what they say and they say what they mean.  I'm not talking about blind faith, I'm talking a look back at the friendship you had and realizing that that friendship can stay true if you let the friend be a friend.  Nine times out of 10, it's usually some kind of misinterpretation of someone or something to begin with.  It hurts when you put all your power into being someone respectable and not getting any respect.  Life is a treacherous highway.  It's full of detours, potholes, and roadblocks.  The last thing any one's life needs is a friend who tells you how the road will be okay, and then speeds to the off ramp without as much as a honk of the horn or a wave out the window.

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