Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Malignant Case of Wall to Wall Moron

A couple of days ago, I encountered what I believe to be the worst case of ignorance ever.  I can honestly say that I've never been more upset about anything in my life.  

It started as I was heading home from work.  I got to my neighborhood a little faster than normal.  I don't know if it was my driving or just less traffic than normal, but thank God for it.  As I was driving up my street, I see two very tiny figures walking across the street.  I slow my car down and notice that these two figures are children.  Not just children, but babies.  They were no taller than my tires.  I stopped the car and jumped out.  Left the car running, mind you.  I swept the kids to the side of the road and into a yard.  The kids were a boy and a girl.  The boy had a shirt, diaper, and socks.  The girl had a shirt, pants, and no shoes.  It's winter time, by the way.  I asked them where they came from and if they knew where they lived.  I was hoping they'd at least point to their house or somewhere familiar.  Luckily another lady came out of her house and took one of the kids from my arms.  I asked the people outside if they knew who these kids were and who they belonged to.  No one had a clue.  We walked to a house with just the screen door closed thinking maybe we were lucky.  We knock, and a lady answers the door.  She kind of huffs and says, "he's a door opener.  Thank you."

I don't think the level of my aggravation could be measured.  For a lady to just say matter-of-factly that the kid is a door opener, seriously?  I'm pretty sure the lady was a babysitter more than a family member.  I just can't understand how any person can lose track of two 1 year old children and still be in business as a babysitter.  To not even panic when two babies are brought back to your home, I don't have words.

Seems like there is just stupidity being spread all over the world.  It's saddening and maddening.  Look, if you have stupidity running through you, get it fixed.  That means that if you spell simple words wrong like "this" or "that" or "my", feel free to log off of the Internet and find a dictionary.  If you care more about your hair than the safety of your children, feel free to give your kids to someone who cares.  It frustrates me how stupidity just permeates our society.  There's no care whatsoever anymore.  

Oh, I did call CPS as soon as I got home .  I gave them the address.  Hopefully, this lady's business is ruined, and she learns a very valuable lesson how to keep babies secure.  I know that sounds kind of cruel, but if you can't care enough to protect our children, you don't deserve to have children in your care.

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