Saturday, September 11, 2010

I'm sorry

I know that it's been a while since I last blogged.  My new housemates decided to fiddle with the internet and cause me mass problems.  It's okay, I had TV to keep me occupied.  However a lot of things have come about that I think I need to address.  First of all, I have a huge problem with some people doing things in the name of my God against their fellow man.  There is a pastor in Florida who up until this weekend was planning on burning the Quran in memory of the September 11 attacks as well as in protest to the Islamic Whatchamacallit that's being built anywhere from 2 to 7 blocks (depending on your news source) away from Ground Zero.  The burning of someone else's sacred texts is wrong.  As a Christian, I'd be outraged if someone burned my Bible.  I would compare it to trying to get a child not to sleep with a teddy bear and burning it to send the message home.  You just don't take something that is precious to someone else and ruin it to get them on your side.  Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not a Muslim sympathizer and I'm not pledging any allegiance to Allah.  Quite the contrary, actually.  I think the best way to defeat Islam is to show love and compassion for them.  To help them when they're in trouble.  My Bible says that what you do for the least of these, you do also for Christ.  If I were to burn the Quran, I'd be slapping my Lord and Savior in the face by not showing love to others.  For that same reason, and I know this will get a lot of people fired up, I have no issue with the Islamic Thingamajig being built near Ground Zero.  Here's my reason.  There's already a Muslim worship center even closer to Ground Zero already there.  It's in a basement at a building that's surrounded by a lot of closed down businesses.  It's not the most desirable place for a worship center, but hey it works for them.  Now according to most sources, this center being built is going to house a cooking school, a basketball court, and other nice amenities.  I don't really know all the juicy details, and I'm not about to go searching.  I just know this, telling people how they can or can't use a building is against the Constitution.  My church recently went through an almost similar situation.  We bought a building, were ready to worship in it, and the government said no.  We fought, and now our church is meeting in said building with many visitors and new members every week.  I know, our God is real, theirs isn't.  I understand that point.  However, I think we should keep our nose out of it.  It's what the separation of church and state was written for to begin with.  To keep the government from putting their nose into church affairs.  It's why the pilgrims left in the first place.  I'm not converting to Islam.  I'm not changing.  I know that one day, those who don't accept Christ as Savior will not be in heaven.  However, what harm is it to have a basketball court in NYC?  Trust me, our God will prevail.  He's the only God that will.  So don't get yourselves in a tizzy over a building.  More than likely, if our God is who He says He is, it will be gone in no time.  I'm more upset that my fellow Christians in NYC didn't pounce on the property and build a church for those victims first.  I think that's what Muslims need to see, Christians fighting the powers of evil with love, care, and compassion.  Not with horrible signs, burning sacred texts, or just being a flat out evil person (I'm talking to you Westboro Baptist).  If you want God to prevail, do what Christ did.  Love those that persecute you.  Bring a meal to the homeless instead of telling them to get a job.  Instead of telling them they're on their way to hell, tell them how to get to heaven.  Sometimes I get so frustrated with my fellow Christians in how they act towards others.  The ones that call our President foul names, the ones that tell homosexuals that God hates them.  I don't think God once hated anyone.  He only hates sin.  Can we get back to what made Christianity so cool in the early 1900s.  Love, peace, grace, mercy, stuff like that?

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