Thursday, December 2, 2010

Is there anything left to hang a hat on?

Such a long time between blogs, I feel awful.  Anyway, I have a couple things I need to gripe about.  First gripe is about this whole Lebron James-Cleveland Cavaliers thing.  It seems like the NBA is going full force with security just to keep Lebron James protected from overzealous, angry Clevelanders who are bitter about a man who just decided to transfer cities for a better opportunity at success in his profession.  Where I come from, we call that moving on up.  The Jeffersons did it, and they were alright.  Look, I'm not cool with the whole hour-long decision thing he did to announce his intentions.  However, I don't care in the long run.  It's just a sport.  It's a game, people.  I transferred from one school to another, and to my knowledge, the school I left didn't burn things of mine in misery.  Please people, remember that when it's all said and done, it's just a game.  He's an adult, he can do what he wants with his life.  Next, this whole Cam Newton thing.  Basically, the NCAA says that Cam Newton did not know that his father was trying to get money from a school for Cam's football services.  Let me say this again, a guy didn't know that his FATHER was trying to get MONEY for his services.  Now, Reggie Bush was found guilty of this same thing.  His family got new cars and a nice house from an agent.  The NCAA believed Bush knew about this and punished his college by taking their championship and not allowing them to play in post-season bowl games and conference championships when PAC-10 goes to 12 teams.  There is a simple reason why Cam Newton's allowed to play despite this whole money mess.  The reason is a small little religious school in Fort Worth, Texas called Texas Christian University, TCU to its friends.  TCU basically sits 3rd in the BCS and if Auburn loses, there's a pretty real chance that TCU would get bumped up to play for the national championship.  The BCS cannot have that. That would put a monkey wrench in the whole BCS process, which is basically to stomp down the 5 conferences that are not in the BCS coalition.  Auburn would have a much better chance of losing if Cam Newton didn't play this Saturday against my beloved South Carolina Gamecocks.  So, the best solution is to hold out until just after the BCS championship game to really punish Newton.  By that time, they would have already played Oregon and TCU would have been just another Rose Bowl winner.  So this Saturday, do me a favor America.  Cheer for South Carolina like you've never cheered for anything in your life.  And outside of a few of my friends, get crazy for Oregon State.  Throw all your energy into the Beavers beating the Ducks.  No offense to my Auburn or Oregon fans, but I want the BCS to be accountable.  The best way to make them accountable is to test their mettle.  See if they really will put TCU in the national title game.  Another thing, Gordon Gee, president of Ohio State.  Next time you insult a school, make sure you know what you're talking about.  You said that Boise State and TCU have weak schedules compared to Ohio State and others, so they don't deserve to be in title games.  If strength of schedule was really a big deal, Washington would be the toughest team in the country.  Boise State's schedule is actually tougher than Ohio State's and Wisconsin's.  TCU's isn't that much behind Wisconsin's.  Look for the Sagarin ratings if you don't believe me.  Truth be told, sports brings out a lot of emotions.  I hate when people take the sport out of sports and turn it into some kind of underhanded, lowballing of others.  Let things goes.  Let people change jobs.  Let little schools have their chance at the big stage.  Butler didn't hurt anybody being in the championship.  They proved they were as good as anyone.  And if someone does something wrong, call them on it.  Don't hold off just to keep your agenda flowing.  Go Gamecocks.

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